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I got my first firearm when I was 10.  It was Christmas 1971 in the Mitten State; the shotgun was my pride and joy. I still own and use that 20 gauge single shot Winchester.  I got my first rifle in 1973: a Winchester model 94 lever action 30-30, purchased at Tommy Hunt Guns on Corunna Rd. with money I'd earned on my paper route.  Hunting and fishing were a huge part of my life growing up.  They still are.

My wife, Margaret, and I own RM Weaponry.  We started the company in 2014 because we believe that gun ownership is a right and gun safety is a responsibility.  RM Weaponry is proud of the gun manufacturers we represent.  We offer competitive prices and can find guns that the big guys don't bother with.  We will take the time to help you break in your gun if you are a first time buyer. 

We supply American forged and built knives that are made hold their edge and are made to be used.  We also stock a few that are modern heirlooms.

RM Weaponry takes pride in offering the best custom guns and knives. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

We look forward to sharing our experience with you.

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